Ubuntu – How to run a script when a specific flash-drive is mounted


Is there a way to run a script when a particular USB device is mounted?

I keep my videos on a separate USB and would like to run a script that would mount the video folder on the USB device to the one in the home folder.

Best Answer

There's much nicer solution with systemd now. You create a service which depends and is wanted by you media e.g.: /etc/systemd/system/your.service

Description=My flashdrive script trigger



Then you have to start/enable the service:

sudo systemctl start your.service
sudo systemctl enable your.service

After mount, systemd fires your trigger script. The advantage over udev rule is that the script really fires after mount, not after adding system device.

Use case: I have an encrypted partition which I want to backup automatically. After adding the device I have to type in the password. If I hooked the backup script to udev, the script attempts to run at the time when I'm typing password, which will fail.

Resource: Scripting with udev

Note: You can find your device unit with:

systemctl list-units -t mount
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