Ubuntu – How to run a custom set of programs in a specific workspace


I use several workspaces in order to have different context for different works. Therefore, I run the same set of applications in the same workspace repeatedly. And also I run the same application in each set of applications, so setting the default workspace where each application should run doesn't work for this purpose.

For instance:

  • Workspace1: 1 terminal + 2 tabs
    opened in Chrome + a document opened
    with PDF Viewer
  • Workspace2: 3
    terminals + 4 tabs opened in Chrome +
    1 tab opened in Firefox + Eclipse

So, is there any way to have a script or something like set_workspace1.sh that once run open all the desired programs in a specific workspace?

BTW, I'm running 11.04

Best Answer

I don't think that there's such a function for the standard window manager.

But Devil's Pie can do what you want.


Quote from Devil's Pie website: "Devil's Pie can be configured to detect windows as they are created, and match the window to a set of rules. If the window matches the rules, it can perform a series of actions on that window. For example, I can make all windows created by X-Chat appear on all workspaces, and the main Gkrellm1 window does not appear in the pager or task list."

I hope this helped you,


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