Ubuntu – How to rip audio from a DVD


I remember reading a long time ago how you can rip the audio (music) from a DVD and convert it to a usable/readable format.

I can't find that article any more. Can anybody help me?

Best Answer

  1. Inspect DVD with following command

    pg@pipoTower: ~$ tcprobe -i /dev/sr0

    look for line where chapters is like following:

    [dvd_reader.c] DVD title 1/1: 17 chapter(s), 1 angle(s), title set 1
  2. Rip all titles to mp3 where for example {1..17} is the number of chapters of your dvd

    for i in {1..17};do 
      transcode -x null,dvd -y null,tcaud -i /dev/sr0 -T 1,$i,1 -a 0 -E 44100,16,2 --lame_preset medium -m ~/tmp/yourDestinationMp3File_chapter${i}.mp3;

    For details of command:

    • -T title,chapter,angle (described by your tcprobe command in point 1.)
    • -a audioTrackNumber
    • -i inputDevice
    • --lampe_preset can be: medium, standard, extreme refer to man transcode for further details