Ubuntu – How to restore the KDE desktop to default


I am a newbie in Linux. I decided to install Kubuntu 11.10 on it and I already have personalized it quite a bit.

I've also realised that Linux is much more sensitive when you reboot it in comparison to Windows! 😉

I switched off the laptop once without properly pressing reboot, and since then the buttons and the writing in the windows in the very top seem too big.

Looks like a bug to me. And if you make the windows smaller it looks really strange and the close and minimize and resize buttons disappear.

I have already once fixed this by inserting the kubuntu cd, but I've forgotten how I did it.
I think it was something like restore distribuion or so, but all personalizations kept the same, only the windows were displayed normally (which I of course intended!)

So, how can I restore KDE?

Best Answer

To reset you user's KDE modifications to defaults open a terminal and type

mv ~/.kde4 ~/.kde4.old

Log off and log back in and all the KDE settings will be recreated fresh.

That will move the folder where KDE keeps his settings in to another folder with .old in the end of the name. When you log in KDE will create a new .kde4 folder and all the settings used will be the default.

If you want to restore the previous settings you need to have a backup in your home folder inside the .kde4.old folder.

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