Ubuntu – How to restart a juju service


I manually changed a config option in a juju service (alice-irc), now I want to restart it, how do I do so? I rebooted the instance figuring that would do it but no luck. I then tried running the start script that is in /var/lib/juju/units/alice-irc-0/charm/hooks and it failed with a bunch of errors. So what's the right solution here?

EDIT: The start script did actually start the service, but dumped errors out due to the juju-log calls. I'd still like to know what the "right" solution is here.

Best Answer

Well, if this was a Juju config option for the charm, I think the charm should restart it automatically. If not, it probably should be added to the config (but the README says "This charm doesn't offer any configuration as Alice doesn't have any command line configuration tools, everything is done through the browser.")

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