Ubuntu – How to resize the filesystem partition


So, when I installed Ubuntu a long time ago, I made five partitions.

  1. System Reserved 500 mb
  2. Windows 8 partition 250gb
  3. Ubuntu swap 5 gb
  4. Ubuntu "/" 10 gb
  5. Ubuntu "home" 40 gb

I only got 1 gb free on my "/" partition and I would like to resize the "home" partition to give at least 10 to 15 gbs more to the "/" partition…

What should I do?

Best Answer

you can boot from ubuntu cd/dvd/usb instalation, choose "try ubuntu" search for "gparted" application on dash, launch it, and it will show you like this (example, it can different from yours) enter image description here

to resize, click the partition you want to change, click resize (red mark) and it will show like this enter image description here

to resize you can move (the red mark)

hope this will solve your problem