Ubuntu – How to reset top panel on Ubuntu 12.04 to Upgrade Standard (Classic View)


First off let me say a HUGE thanks to all of you here. I have used your forums frequently with past upgrades (I am on my 4th).

I recently upgraded to 12.04.
The upgrade went perfectly. The smoothest ever and it even kept the Classic View that I like best. The only issue that was bugging me was the lack of a Volume Control Icon on the top panel.

I thought I found a way to change that using windows button-alt -right click, add indicator Applet. But my novice fingers ended up placing that applet on my top bar 3 times. In a series of attempts to fix what I did I ended up removing, adding to, then deleting the entire panel. (I am not ready to give up Ubuntu but sometimes wonder why I even try to mess with it.)

Anyway, Here are my two big needs:
1) I REALLY want my top panel to be where it was when I upgraded it. Right now I have the Indicator Applet on the right and NOTHING on the left. It was those left side menu bars that I used the most. Can I undo or redo this?

2) Currently, because I do not have those menus on the left side I do not have my Mozilla Firefox icon to get online. I just ran the Update manager, hoping it would magically fix it, and one of the things listed was the installation of Firefox BUT…. I at this time can not figure out how to open up a browser. This means that any help online that needs me to copy/paste into terminal I can not do. I have my netbook next to another computer at them moment but not knowing much about terminal, I have not had success retyping terminal commands successfully into the terminal on the netbook I am trying to fix. Are there keystrokes to pull something up that will help me run Mozilla? (And please forgive me if I am using the wrong wording and terminology)

I think I need internet access first and then will happily do whatever you all tell me to do to get my classic panel back again.

Can anyone help me? Please! 🙂

Best Answer

You will have to add any applets you wish to retain, back to the panel. You can do that by using the Alt+Right-click on the panel and adding/placing the missing applets you want, back on the panel. I think the menu you are looking for is called "Applications menu" and you can also add any launchers you wish as well.