Ubuntu – How to reset default window positions and sizes


Short Version

How do you reset the default window positioning and sizing rules? As in, when an application starts, it remembers its last position and size. I want it to not do that, and start in whatever position it would have started in a fresh install.

Is there a list somewhere that I can just delete (or modify)?

System info

Ubuntu MATE 16.04 LTS, using Compiz

Long Version and Explanation

My reason for asking is probably a little weird. I have an application (specifically, Kerbal Space Program) that has started crashing immediately on load. I had been tweaking the keyboard shortcuts within the game, and accidentally set one to one of Compiz's window resize shortcuts that I never use (mea culpa) and when I used it the game immediately crashed. Ever since then, it won't load at all.

Answers to questions before you ask them:

"This sounds like a bug in KSP and is therefore not relevant here"
You're probably right, but I can't rewrite the game's code. I have multiple versions of the game installed, and they're all giving me exactly the same problem. So wherever the problem is, it's not anywhere in the game's local files, because those are all separate. I think it's a case of KSP not responding intelligently to a situation it didn't expect.

Basically, I have a suspicion that if I can reset the default window size, the problem will go away, which is why I'm asking this here.

"Is KSP giving any helpful error messages?" No.

"Is KSP giving any unhelpful error messages?" No.

"Surely you've tried this in other window managers?" Indeed. Same problem in Compiz and Marco. I haven't tried installing any others.

"Does it work in other user accounts?" Like a dream. I have all my KSP installs on a separate drive, so they're accessible for my test user — and it loads just fine.

Best Answer

I found this answer while doing some research into your problem and I thought that it might be of use as while it wont reset the default permissions it will allow you to choose the size of the window when the program is opened.