Compiz Xubuntu XFCE – How to Repair Error Accessing Home Folder After Installing Compiz


I found that Compiz is usable with Xfce and after installing it, adding it to start with session and restarting session, I couldn't access my home folder (I have access to folders that are within 'home/user'). I get this error message: Error stating file 'Home/user/.gvfs'. Transport endpoint is not connected.

I unistalled Compiz and still get the same error.

How could I repair this?

Best Answer

There is a rather old bug-report with your error message.

After logout and following login every attempt to access $HOME/.gvfs (i.e. with ls or df) results in 'Transport endpoint is not connected' error message. At the same time $HOME/.gvfs is present in /etc/mtab. Also GVFS-mounts are accessible through FUSE when /usr/lib/gvfs/gvfs-fuse-daemon is called with some other directory as argument.

A workaround suggested was in post#6

manually unmount the ~/.gvfs using:

fusermount -u ~/.gvfs

Then close/unmount all opened remote locations in Thunar/Nautilus and log out and back in, again.

This should restore the .gvfs-functionality


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