Ubuntu – How to repair boot failure due to moved boot sector


I just installed a home partition according to this guide. I have now deleted the old_home (backup folder) and shrunk the system partition further.
I now ask GParted (Live CD) to expand my home partition sda3. But it gives me a warning that the boot sector will then be moved and the system will not boot.
So, before I expand my home partition, how would I fix this error that GParted predicted will occur?

I have used the boot repair disk before with good result.

The system partition is located before the home partition and the boot flag is on the system partition (see screen shot), but I believe GParted tells me the boot sector is on the home partition.

Best Answer

If you move the head end of the boot partition (which is the root partition, if the /boot directory is there), you must repair grub. You can do it according to the description in this link,


Manual methods are described as well as the automatic method with Boot Repair. You have better control, when you use the manual methods with the command line tool grub-install.