Ubuntu – How to remove new kernel versions after downgrading


I upgraded Ubuntu to 12.04, all packages. But after that I encountered a lot of problems so I decided to downgrade to 11.10.

After I did that I found I now have two kernels: 3.2.x and 3.0.x.
I found many explanations of how to remove older kernels, but i have no idea how to remove the newer kernel.

I dont see a 3.2 kernel running when im using the 3.0 kernel. But I see it in Grub.

When I type uname -r in terminal I see the 3.0.x kernel which im using at present.

How do I proceed to remove the 3.2 kernel?

Best Answer

There are 3 files you will need to remove, more if you are using a virtual machine too. But these are the main ones.

Open synaptic, use the search to find the installed kernels

  • linux-headers-3.2.x.x
  • linux-headers-3.2.x.x-generic (possibly generic-pae or i686)
  • linux-image-3.2.x.x

Should be easy enough to remove. Afterward run

sudo update-grub
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