Ubuntu – How to remove keyboard indicator


/desktop/gnome/peripherals/keyboard/general/disable_indicator in gconf is set to yes

Additionally I restarted, but it's still there.

Maybe there is some setting buried in CCSM?

here is screenshot of what I'm talking about if it's not clear:

enter image description here

I want to remove it if possible

Best Answer

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To completely remove the keyboard indicator we need to change one byte in the file

11.04 and before


11.10 and after


(make backup libkeyboard.so)

open file with root privileges through any hex editor (i use Bless)

and search for the byte signature FF 83 F8 01 0F

FF 83 F8 01 0F = if (g_slist_length (current_kbd_config.layouts_variants) > 1)

and change 01 to 02

FF 83 F8 02 0F

save file

FF 83 F8 02 0F = if (g_slist_length (current_kbd_config.layouts_variants) > 2)

if you have less than 3 keyboard layouts icon will be not shown

after this work need to reload gnome-settings-daemon

you can use reboot for this.