Ubuntu – How to remove envelope from Indicator applet without uninstalling the indicator-messages package


I am tired of the envelope in the indicator applet (also known as the messages menu) because I don't use it so I would like to get rid of it but I don't have root access so I can't remove it by uninstalling the indicator-messages package. Is there another way to disable this applet?

Doesn't the indicator applet offer a way to select which indicator is displayed or not?

Best Answer

If you just want the messaging menu to hide you can blacklist all of the applications that are in it. You can do that by copying all the application links to your local black list directory. Here is the command line way to do that:

  mkdir -p ~/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist
  cp /usr/share/indicators/messages/applications/* ~/.config/indicators/messages/applications-blacklist

The first time you create the blacklist directory you'll need to restart your session (log out and back in) and then the messaging menu should hide itself.