Ubuntu – How to remove a website from Ubuntu’s web applications


I thought I would try out the new webapps ppa and everything seems to be working fine. However, google reader now floods my messaging menu with all my feeds and turns the icon blue. How can I remove a specific site (google reader) from accessing webapps after I have accepted it?

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Easy way for 12.10 onwards:

Go to the Software Center and search for the specific web app and uninstall it. E.g.

unity-webapps-gmail or unity-webapps-googledocs

Hard way, for 12.04 and older Ubuntu versions

Press Alt + F2 , run dconf-editor.

Now go to com → canonical → unity → webapps.

Edit Allowed domain value and remove the undesired entry.

enter image description here

To prevent any more popups for a site, add the site URL to:

Firefox :Edit>preferences>General> Desktop integration > exception


Chrome : Settings > Extension > Desktop integration > Exception