Ubuntu – How to reenable opening jar files by double clicking on them


How can I make "double click to run" the default behaviour of a jar-file on Nautilus?
There is no "Open with OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime" on the "Open with" tab under Properties.

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You can try the following:

If you have OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime installed in your system, then you should have a file named openjdk-7-java.desktop in the folder /usr/share/applications/

Check if you have the .desktop file.

  1. Go to the terminal and type:

    cd /usr/share/applications

    ls -l openjdk-7-java.desktop

  2. If the result is:

    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 367 Oct 24 22:29 openjdk-7-java.desktop

  3. Then (to associate OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime to the java files) you can edit the file defaults.list also in the folder /usr/share/applications/ .

  4. In the terminal type:

    sudo gedit /usr/share/applications/defaults.list

  5. Search for application/x-jar and application/x-java-archive in the defualts.list, and change the .desktop file to the openjdk-7-java.desktop and save the changes.

Screenshot of gedit /usr/share/applications/defaults.list

Now the java files should be open with Open JDK 7 by default. To double-click and run, make sure the file has execute permissions.

You can set the permissions in the terminal with: chmod 755 file.jar or right click in the file, permissions tab and click in "Allow executing file as a program"

File properties

Finally double-click in the file to run it.

Hope this will helpful!


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