Ubuntu – How to reduce the spacing between icons in nautilus


Is it possible reduce the horizontal spacing between icons in nautilus? I would like my layout to be more compact. I know that we can change the zoom level of the icons, but i want the icon size to remain the same.

Here's a screenshot for better idea


Best Answer

Ok thanks to your message I found a solution which works for me in nautilus 3.x. In dconf-editor, modify thumbnail-size, located in org->gnome->nautilus->icon-view

I set it to 128 and it is now exactly like the "make it more compact" option I used to love in nautilus/gnome 2.x!

I don't know if this is what you were looking for, but for me there is almost no space left between my icons and using my favorite thumbnailer program; "cover thumbnailer". It is simply ace!

Cheese, thanks for the idea of using a gnome editor!