Ubuntu – How to reduce the number of TTYs

10.10bootcommand linetty

I don't need 7 TTYs (or do I?). So how do I reduce this number to 3?

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The way I recommend would be:

  1. Run: sudoedit /etc/default/console-setup Find the line that says: ACTIVE_CONSOLES="/dev/tty[1-6]"

  2. Change it to the amount of tty you want. For 3 you do: ACTIVE_CONSOLES="/dev/tty[1-3]"

  3. Save the file and go to /etc/init/: cd /etc/init/ then type ls to see the tty files.
    They should look like tty1.conf, tty2.conf, tty3.conf....

  4. Rename all the tty that you do not want. In your case you would rename the last 3 tty:

    sudo mv tty4.conf tty4.conf.bck
    sudo mv tty5.conf tty5.conf.bck
    sudo mv tty6.conf tty6.conf.bck

  5. Reboot and test

    • A couple of tips. Even if you eliminate the tty4-6 X will still be in CTRL+ALT+F7
    • tty4 to tty6 will appear blank (black, no blink login waiting)
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