Ubuntu – How to recover a deleted NTFS partition with data


I am on Ubuntu 12.04 64-bits

I accidentally deleted a NTFS 255 GB partition using Gparted, and yes it contains LOTS of important data.

Upon realizing the deletion I haven't yet created any file-system on it. So it still shows Unallocated.

enter image description here

I tried Testdisk , but it shows entire partitions created from the beginning.

This sdb is my secondary drive with Xubuntu and Kubuntu on it. And that 255 GB NTFS partition was cross platform storage drive.

I am currently in sda with Ubuntu and Win7 in dual boot, which enables me to use it as Safe recovery option rather then Live USB drive.

First , should i allocate it to ? file-System for better recovery .

Second , i really need to recover data from this drive so please give me possible suggestions and proven methods of data recovery.

Third ,does Testdisk requires deleted partition to be allocated for its recovery .

I am currently trying the answer seen here https://askubuntu.com/a/24951/63025 with Testdisk scanning for partition second time, hoping to recover it.

It looks a duplicate but i can't confirm if the OP got it right. Since my first doubt is to allocate it or not.

If any clarification required please do comment ,i will add it.

Edit: TestDisk deeper search results.

   The following partitions can't be recovered:
         Partition               Start        End    Size in sectors
    >  HPFS - NTFS          22241 107 11 55592   3 27  535777280
       FAT32 LBA            274460 158 19 460576 228 16 2989957948

NTFS, 274 GB / 255 GiB
& for FAT32 LBA 1530 GB / 1425 GiB

Best Answer

Well. Testdisk really works. I have documented in the past my previous 500 GB Data loss which was up to 80% recovered via Testdisk.

Take a look at this video in Youtube: Recover deleted partitions using Testdisk in Ubuntu #11.

I couldn't fully recover my data because of I was trying to recover using different tools, (including MS Based tools which I don't recommend because of it resulted in the damage of the data itself. So I strongly suggest you to first run the steps mentioned in the video in order to bring back the partition, after which you will be able to undelete/recover any data loss that could happen during data recovery.

I am following your question closely even if downvoted just in order to provide help. I know this is not a forum and have read the rules but I have experienced this in the past and I know how it feels. Just for information: It took me 2+ weeks to fully recover my data. So please be patient. I am sure we'll find a way to bring your data back.

Good luck!