Ubuntu – How to record any internal sound in and out using Ubuntu and Audacity

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How cna I record any internal sound like mic in and speaker out from the same PC running Ubuntu, using Audacity or something else?

For example under Windows it can be done like this (I want to do something similar):
Recording internal sound on Windows


I installed pavucontrol but in the record tab it does not show Monitor of <your soundcard>

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Best Answer

To define the recording source for any recording application we may install pavucontrol.

As soon as we record any audio stream the name of the recording application and the source from where it records will be shown in the Recording tab. We then may be able to change the source to Monitor of <your soundcard> to record the output of our soundcard:

enter image description here

We may have to choose another audio profile in addition. This can be done from the "Configuration"-tab of pavucontrol, e.g. a "Duplex" sound profile for output of the microphone to our local audio sink: