Ubuntu – How to receive incoming Google Voice calls using Empathy


I have a google voice number so I can receive phone calls dialed to an actual phone number when I'm logged into gmail (via the gtalk widget sidebar).

I see I can use Empathy to make voice calls with other gtalk users.

Is it possible that I can receive phone calls when logged into Empathy, ie, that someone dial my google voice phone number, and it pops up as a call when I'm logged into empathy, the same way it does in the gtalk sidebar widget?

(Currently, I route my gtalk calls to skype, but it would be even better if this worked seamlessly within Empathy.)

Best Answer

I do this somewhat frequently. To set it up, I did the following:

  • Went into Google Voice settings, phone tab.

Made sure it was checked:

enter image description here

And then I was done! I do recommend that you test your audio in Empathy before doing calls on it all the time, because getting audio to work can sometimes be a little tricky, but I haven't had a problem on 12.04 so far.

happy calling!