Ubuntu – How to re-enable tray icons for applications in Ubuntu


Unfortunately in Ubuntu 13.10 there is no tray icon and whitelisting is removed.

The older solutions do not work for me, e.g. I get the message: No such schema 'com.canonical.Unity.Panel' when I try to use the command:

gsettings set com.canonical.Unity.Panel systray-whitelist "['all']"  

How can I get tray icons back (for applications that put an icon in the tray (like TrueCrypt, Pidgin, Aqualung, gnome-system-monitor and so many more) in Unity?

The most annoying thing is that the user loses control over applications which cannot themselves detect that they have no tray icon (e.g.: gnome-system-monitor, TrueCrypt…). At least Aqualung sends a message about being unable to put an icon in the system tray!

Best Answer

I really don't recommend using my sacy-tests PPA 'blindly' (mentioned in the answers by @alwaysask and @tolima). Because it contains changes to many packages, some quite specific. One should take the time to read the descriptions to see if any or all these changes are wanted.

(When using add-apt-repository you are given the opportunity to review them ...)

So because some just want to re-enable the whitelist and may not appreciate or find the other changes I use suitable, I have set up a standalone PPA for just re-enabling the whitelist for unity in Ubuntu saucy, if still viable will add trusty down the road: