Ubuntu – How to purge Pantheon desktop?/Why does this window appear


This browser window showing http://elementary.io/
appears after I installed then uninstalled the Pantheon environment:
enter image description here
Originally this occurred after (and possibly before) ppa-purging the PPA only when not connected to the internet – a window without a title that the window manager would ignore would appear, then dissapear. The grep process in the background was me searching the root of the system for clues to the problem – I found that some settings in gconf had been left which were causing a additional issue with the elementary theme set as default, which I then apt-get auotremoved)

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After apt-get autoremoving the elementary packages it opens properly in a web browser

It seems to appear randomly (in a random web browser – I have Firefox, Chromium and Chrome installed – this started happening before installing Chrome), and after unlocking the screen, connecting to the internet etc. I think the URL it is pointing to is http://start.elementaryos.org which then redirects to http://elementary.io/

I installed it as shown here, and then removed the PPAs using ppa-purge, and then used apt-get autoremove on any remaining bits.

I know this a third-party PPA, but I don't think these issues should occur after removing it. It also causes issues with the Unity desktop as shown here. This feels uncomfortably like the things you get with adware/freeware/malware on windows..

Using Ubuntu 14.04 64bit

EDIT: By looking at htop I have found that the process is started as root the run as the active user (gamer) using su:

enter image description here

I have not a clue what point this has apart to encourage the rapid removal of everything relevant to elementaryOS…

Best Answer

ppa-purge is unneffective with that ppa, (elementary-os/daily) & the same with autoremove.

Open Synaptic, PPA1

click Settings, Repositories


Click Add and add back the ppa you used previously & update sources.

Click the Reload button in the upper left corner, then Origin. Click on the entry for that ppa/now similar (entry highlighted above). With shift+click highlight all the packages & mark for removal, and remove them.

Then remove the PPA from your software sources Under Settings, Repositories.

Source: comment from @doug