Ubuntu – How to prevent one of the partitions messing with Lubuntu Grub entries


I recently deleted my Windows XP partition in my dual boot machine (Lubuntu/Windows XP), replacing it with Bhodi Linux. Everything went smoothly, but now I have a problem: Bodhi Linux is messing with my Lubuntu Grub entries, and every time I update something of significance there, Grub ends looking like this:


Is there a way to prevent this? I know how to edit Grub entries, but it seems like quite an annoyance have to do this with every update.

(Yesterday I updated Lubuntu from 13.10 to 14.04 and that seemed to fix the issue. But later on I updated Bodhi Linux and there it was again)

Best Answer

Do not know Bodhi, but with Ubuntu.

To see what drive grub2 uses see this line - grub-pc/install_devices:

sudo debconf-show grub-pc
sudo grub-probe -t device /boot/grub

to get grub2 to remember where to reinstall on updates:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure grub-pc

Enter thru first pages,spacebar to choose/unchoose drive, enter to accept, do not choose partitions If Bodhi works the same, do it first and unchoose everything. Then it will not reinstall. Boot into Lubuntu and run it to make Lubuntu install to sda and be the system to boot by default.