Ubuntu – How to prevent any program starting at boot of the system? Is the procedure different for TeamViewer


When starting Xubuntu on my laptop, a lot of applications start to run (taking a big part of my CPU and energy): TeamViewer, Skype and so on and so forth.
I don't want to uninstall them. I just want that they run when I invoke them, nothing else and nothing more. There is something to manage this?
How to prevent the startup of any program?
I am looking for something like "System Configuration Utility" of Windows.

More then the other, what I would like to disable is TeamViewer.

Best Answer

You need to open Settings Manager (or xfce4-settings-manager) and then navigate to Session and Startup (or directly xfce4-settings-manager), then open Application Autostart tab and uncheck some items here:

xfce4-settings-manager, session and startup

(be careful here, some components are essential)

TeamViewer uses other auto-start mechanism - it starts with system by SystemD. To disable it use:

sudo systemctl disable teamviewerd.service