OEM Install – How to Pre-Install Ubuntu for Someone


I would like to pre-install Ubuntu on a computer for someone. I may want to customize it for them, but in the end they need to be able to choose a username, password, etc. when they first boot it up. (Also called an OEM install).

How do I do this?

Best Answer

I originally thought this feature was only available in the alternate installer but I have been corrected. I was able to boot up a USB key for the desktop CD, holding down the left shift key until I was asked to choose a language, and then I hit F4 and was presented with this menu:

enter image description here

Colin Watson also notes that you can enable oem-config/enable=true as a boot parameter to expose the feature. After using it it prompted me with OEM-looking prompts:

enter image description here

If you are using the alternate installer you can just hit F4 and choose OEM Install right from the first screen:

enter image description here

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