Settings Migration – How to Port Settings from Desktop to Laptop


I am currently using Ubuntu 10.04 installed on my desktop box. I have got a new laptop and I will be using it from now on. But I will have to do the setup all over again (setting up applications/updates). Plus many of my preferences and tweaks I've had in my desktop will be lost and those too I will have to all over again.

Is there an easy way where I can just take image or something and use it in my laptop??

Any help/pointers/links are much appreciated.

Best Answer

Most of your display and application preferences are in your home directory (/home/<yourlogin>).

Coping this directory between your desktop and laptop computer should give you 80% of what you want. Just tar your home on the desktop, copy the archive and untar it. (scp would loose symlink and other things)

For the remaining 20%, I would consider a fresh install because laptops need special tuning. From an energy saving point of view, your battery will last longer when the system is tuned for that computer.

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