How to Permanently Disable Touchscreen on Sony VAIO


I recently installed Ubuntu 14.04 on my Sony Vaio SVP1322X2EB.

It's working great only I noticed that the touchscreen (which is enabled by default) affects my battery life. I don't use it, so now I usually turn it off after startup by using the following command:

`xinput disable 9`   

(9 is the number assigned to my touchscreen)

This, however, doesn't mean the touchscreen is disabled by default; I have to repeat this action each time I start up my computer.

To disable the drivers I have tried the following, from a different thread:

1.Edit /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf

2.Add Option "Ignore" "on" to the end of touchscreen section


Running the first command gives me the notification
bash /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/10-evdev.conf: permission denied.

so that doesn't work, and neither do the other suggestions made by other users, unfortunately (found here Disabling touch screen only temporarily and here:

Does anyone have any ideas on how to permanently disable the touchscreen?

Best Answer

One option would be to have the xinput disable 9 command run automatically at every boot.

You can do this with the Startup Applications app installed by default in Ubuntu. Open the app and click the Add button to add a new Startup program.

  • Set the Name field as anything you like. (e.g. Disable Touchscreen)
  • Set the Command field as xinput disable 9.
  • The Comment field can be left blank.

Once you have this done simply click Add and it will take effect next time you reboot.

Note: This will only run once you have logged into the user account from which you created it. If there are other accounts that you need to disable the touchscreen for you can repeat this process for each user account or you can follow the instructions here to enable it for every user.

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