Ubuntu – How to perform a HP BIOS upgrade with only Ubuntu


I have a HP Spectre XT netbook. The installed BIOS is F14 and the latest one on their website is F26. I'd like to do an upgrade but they only provide a Windows executable. I tried booting with FreeDOS (using the Ultimate Boot CD), but the executable won't run in DOS, only Windows. I don't want to install Windows anywhere (I don't have it, I replaced it off the system disk with Ubuntu). So how can I upgrade with only Ubuntu installed on my system ? I haven't tried Wine, does it work for that purpose ?

Best Answer

You can use file-roller (in Nautilus: right click > open with… > archive manager) or cabextract to unpack HP's BIOS update packages. The one I just tried contains two identical MS-DOS executables that are in turn self-extracting archives. They contain a .bin files which is the BIOS update you're looking for. Put it on a USB drive and you should be able to instruct the EFI BIOS to update itself from that drive.

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