Ubuntu – How to open the command line in Firefox Quantum


There’s a command line built into Firefox, which allows various options such as taking screenshots and restarting the browser. It used to open with Shift+F2, but since the upgrade to Firefox 57, that no longer does anything.

I have seen the command line since the upgrade (it was open in one Firefox window, and remained open after the upgrade), so I know that it does still exist in Firefox Quantum. However, I have since closed that window, and cannot get it back. Is there now a different keyboard shortcut to reveal the command line?

The Mozilla documentation for the command line still says Shift+F2.

I am using Firefox Quantum 57.0 on Ubuntu 17.10.

Best Answer

As far I could see while testing, this is still on Shift+F2.

I suggest backing up your bookmarks and so on (Firefox-Sync) and start over on a fresh profile.

This you can do easily by closing Firefox and deleting ~/.mozilla and ~/.cache/mozilla via terminal:

rm -r ~/.mozilla ~/.cache/mozilla

or you can start up Firefox with the profile manager via terminal by:

firefox -P