Ubuntu – How to open new tab in existing window using keyboard shortcuts on Ubuntu


Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T opens a new terminal window on Linux. By default it opens 1 new terminal window.

Is there a way how to customize how many new tabs are going to be opened? E.g. by using this shortcut it will open 2 tabs by default.

What is the right keyboard shortcut to open a new tab in existing terminal ?

I want to have 2 tabs opened and switch between them with Ctrl+Page Up.

Best Answer

If you want to open gnome-terminal with more than one tab when you open it using Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut, go to System SettingsKeyboardShortcutsCustom Shortcuts and add a new Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut as follow:

custom shortcut

Select Reassign when you are asked:

enter image description here

Now, to open a new tab in gnome-terminal, you can use Ctrl+Shift+T. To access/view/edit your terminal shortcuts go to EditKeyboard Shortcuts...:

terminal Keyboard Shortcuts