Ubuntu – How to move multiple files at once to a specific destination directory

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I got a bunch of files in some directory (along with many other files) that I want to move.

Luckily, all the files I want to move contain a certain identifier in their names, so I can ls | grep IDENTIFIER to get the exact list of files to move.

But, how can I execute mv file /path/to/dest/folder/ at once, and not one by one (there's a lot of files to move)?

Best Answer

If you want to move ABC-IDENTIFIER-XYZ.ext or IDENTIFIER-XYZ.xml, you can use:

mv *IDENTIFIER* ~/YourPath/

* is a wildcard for zero or more characters, this means zero or more characters, followed by IDENTIFIER, followed by zero or more characters.

This will move all the files that contain the IDENTIFIER you specified.