Ubuntu – How to modify the size of swap with LVM partitions


I'm trying to add/modify a swap partition on my LVM-formatted hard disk by using GParted from a LiveCD. I only see one big partition taking up the whole disk.

Is there a hidden swap?

Does an LVM-formatted system even need a swap?

I'm using Ubuntu 12.10.

Best Answer

I do not like using GParted, partially because most of my servers are without GUI.

Here's how to extend a swap setup as a logical volume:

1) Determine the name of the swap logical volume using the "lvs" command:

$ lvs
LV VG Attr LSize Origin Snap% Move Log Copy%
root_lv volgroup0 -wi-ao 7.00G
swap_lv1 volgroup0 -wi-ao 30.00G
tmp_lv volgroup0 -wi-ao 3.00G
usr_lv volgroup0 -wi-ao 7.00G
var_lv volgroup0 -wi-ao 4.00G

2) Turn off the swap partition:

$ swapoff /dev/volgroup0/swap_lv1

3) Resize the swap partition, adding 15GB more space to it:

$ lvresize -L+15G /dev/volgroup0/swap_lv1
Extending logical volume swap_lv1 to 30.00 GB
Logical volume swap_lv1 successfully resized

4) Format the new swap space to make it usable:

$ mkswap /dev/volgroup0/swap_lv1
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 41875927 kB

5) Turn the swap volume back on:

$ swapon /dev/volgroup0/swap_lv1

6) Use free command to show your new swap space:

$ free -t | grep -i swap
Swap: 30719 0 30719
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