Ubuntu – How to make xinput settings persist after devices are unplugged, replugged, and after shutdown, restart, etc


I successfully followed the answer to this question to set different sensitivities for my touchpad and my USB mouse. Only problem is, once you unplug and replug the device or shutdown, restart etc., the settings reset.

Best Answer

According to How to configure the TrackPoint (from ThinkWiki), the method for changing the settings on a per-user basis is by using the .xsessionrc file, simply put all your xinput commands into that file and you should have your settings on boot.

The settings should be remembered after you unplug and replug the same device. But if they're not then we have a bug to report. I looked into all the events that happen when input devices are detected and I don't mind telling you that it's a real mess. If you need to go to a plan B then try adding the options into x.conf.d as shown in the above website.