Ubuntu – How to make vim the default graphical text editor


While trying to make vim default instead of gedit, I found this could be done two ways:

Use defaults.list and make text/plain (and others) point to vim.desktop (what is the format for creating .desktop files?)

Use update-alternatives and change gnome-text-editor (right now it has only one alternative, so I guess I have to install one more. How to do that?)

and which is the better way to do it?

Best Answer

OP fixed the problem here:

Ok, I have created vim.desktop in ~/.local/share/applications and modified defaults.list (in the same dir) to include


After that, sudo update-mime and its working! (I am not sure whether this step is require)

Clicking on a text file opens vim, not gvim, in terminal and :q closes the terminal too.

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