Ubuntu – How to make ubuntu use more RAM to cache a specific set of binaries


After 2 weeks of trying, failing, trying again, still failing, I finally got Ubuntu stable and operational.

My hard disk is quite old and slow but I have excessive RAM (16 GB 2133 mhz), so I was thinking about using that RAM for faster fetching.

How can I manually cache programs' binaries before running it? I know about preload but that's not what I want, I want to be able to lock the process' binaries in the memory so it can't get out and I wanna do that manually, preferably with GUI but I don't have a problem with terminal.

I don't wanna run it, just load the binaries and dependencies in memory.

Do you know anything that can do that?

Best Answer

There is a rather lengthy tutorial on the forums you might like:


The guide basically explains how to create a squashfs image out of your existing Ubuntu installation and copy the entire image to RAM upon boot to speed up your OS. I will also go into some detail of how to make your /home mount from a regular hard drive thereby making sure the important information one would wish to save on their machine would remain untouched between boots.

See the guide for details.

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