Ubuntu – How to make Panel always transparent like the Dock in GNOME 3


I'm using Ubuntu 17.10. I want the Panel to be always transparent instead of dynamic transparency.

Best Answer

You may use a GNOME shell extension called Dynamic Panel Transparency to achieve this.

  1. Install the extension from the link above.
  2. Reload the page. A settings icon should appear.
  3. Click on the settings icon. A window should pop up.
  4. Go to the "Background" tab and "Enable custom opacity".
  5. Set low values for both "Maximized Opacity" and "Unmaximized Opacity".
    enter image description here

Note: You may have to restart the shell/session to see the change. In an Xorg session press alt+f2, then type r and press enter. In a default Wayland session log out and log in again.

Tested in an Xorg session, but not in a Wayland session.