Ubuntu – How to make Nautilus name column display at the width of the longest filename


Prior to a recent glytch where I lost some of my custom settings, Nautilus would open directories and display the name-column wide enough to show the longest filename on display. It did it dynamically; If I renamed a file to a longer or shorter name, the column was automatically adjusted to the new width..

It's not doing that now, and I have no idea how to get this function back..

The OS is: 10.04. and Nautilus is: 2.30.1

I hadn't mentioned it, but I am talking about the List view… I have been fossicing around in the GConf Editpr and came across a setting for Compact View which does exactly what I am referring to… but it only effects the Compact View… that setting is:

  • gconf-editor /apps/nautilus/compact_view/all_columns_have_same_width

…but I can't find the setting for List View… I know the capability exists, because I've been using it until only a few days ago, when my system got hung up…

Best Answer

It is possible to set list view as default, and also select desired zoom level with: