Ubuntu – How to make iso image of current logged in system to use it as future installation media


I have just installed Ubuntu 13.04 and due to installation of faulty media and different programs, my ubuntu crashed more than 7 times in last 3 days, Nvidia was the leading cause in 7 failure, and each time i had to install approx 600-700 mb of different application for my suite, like QT creator and Virtual Box, and different other apps.

Now, I don't want to trouble myself to install them again , all i want is to make image of my current Installation, so that all i have to do is burn current iso in bootable pen drive and install them as it is.

Please give me option of verified source list download only..

I recently visited remastersys, and the text written on front page seems like to me, it might have been compromised, and if it is the case, than may be his package is backdoored, so i don't want to risk myself in using such binary.

Are there valid , verified and secured way to make my current installation into ISO image, so that it can be used to burn it into some USB for bootable purpose.

Update I don't want to download again any of already downloaded file, all i want is to use is same downloaded file.

Important Does ubuntu has no such built in verified application which can do some sort of system-restore or create backup of whole system, so that there is no re-installation required whenever system is in trouble


Best Answer

I can confirm that remastersys is safe. Just add the line on the site to /etc/apt/sources.list and run sudo apt-get install remastersys-gui; sudo remastersys-gui and follow the on screen wizard.

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