Ubuntu – How to make Gwibber notifications clickable


One of the accounts that I have in Gwibber is my Twitter account. It nicely shows every now and then notifications with the new twits.
Whenever a twit has a link (URL) within it I feel an urge to click on the link withing the notification to directly open it within a browser. However, it seems like notifications are not clickable and when hovering over them they just become opaque.

Is there a way to make those links clickable?

Best Answer

Actually, notify-osd does support this. However, gwibber does not send notifications with the necessary hints to require interaction. And the way notify-osd handles it, may not be what you want. The way this is handled in Unity, is that gwibber adds itself to the Messages indicator, and you click on there to open the gwibber UI, when you get a notification, if you wish to do that.

To make gwibber do it, even if you switch to notification-daemon instead of notify-osd, you will need to patch the code in gwibber to add the necessary hints of interactivity, to the notifications themselves.

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