How to Make Coinprice-Indicator Open at Startup in Ubuntu 14.04


I have coinprice-indicator, it is an indicator applet that shows the price of the BTC using API's from Kraken, BitStamp or BTC-E. It refresh form 3 to every 60 seconds.

I start this applet from the console using make but if I close the console the indicator applet closes too (ofc).

How can I make this indicator applet open from startup?

Best Answer

This indicator applet is opened when you do cd ~/folder-cloned-from-git/coinprince-indicator then you use make and the indicator applet opens.

If you want this indicator applet to open from startup you need to do the following:

  • Open dash and look for Startup Applications
  • Open Startup Applications
  • Click Add
  • Choose a name (coinprice-indicator)
  • In command you need to browse and choose (~/folder-cloned-from-git/coinprince-indicator/coin/
  • Choose a comment (Open coinprice-indicator from Startup)
  • Click on Add
  • Reboot your system

Now you will see that the indicator applet opens from startup.