Ubuntu – How to make bootable pendrive to install ubuntu os


I am a newbie to all of this stuff.

Initially I had a OS CD of Ubuntu 10.4 version. I never tried to install it. Now I have lost my CD somewhere. Earlier I copied the content to my laptop. When I tried to install by copying to another CD/pendrive it didn't install.

Now i am using Windows. But I would like to install Ubuntu, because everyone said that Linux/Ubuntu is an amazing OS.

So I searched in google for a solution. With Unetbootin, pendrive linux, I can make a bootable pendrive to install. But Unetbootin asks for an ISO-image. I did many experiment and wastes more than 9 CD's. I have no experience with that. Where can I get the ISO-image?
Actually, what is an ISO-image?

Best Answer

You can download copy of ubuntu iso at http://www.ubuntu.com.

For a pen drive installation, The motherboard has to support booting from a USB flash/pen/key drive. Please consult your BIOS manufacture reference for more details.

An image is a copy of a cd/dvd that can be directly used for burning/mounting. Its more like a zip file or you can say a single file representation of a whole cd/dvd. There are some more features. Like - Copying contents of a cd/dvd and burning them won't make the cd/dvd bootable. There are special flags with image file, that causes the cd to be bootable after burning.

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