Ubuntu – How to make an already live Ubuntu pen-drive, a persistent one


I have created a USB flash drive with the latest Ubuntu version, but it is not persistent.
How can I make it persistent without repeating the whole process?

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Persistent partitions have not worked in syslinux Live Ubuntu systems since 14.04. This includes SDC, UNetbootin, Rufus etc.

If you really want to make an existing install persistent, you can build a casper-rw file in Windows and add it to the root of your flash drive, see https://www.pendrivelinux.com/casper-rw-creator-make-a-persistent-file-from-windows/

The casper-rw file will be limited to 4GB and only works on a FAT32 partition.

If you want the boot to be persistent press Shift, select language, press F6, hit Enter and type persistent, (For UNetbootin press Tab then F6)

if you want every session to be persistent, modify isolinux/txt.cfg as Danatela shows above (or for UNetbootin install modify syslinux.cfg the same way).

Probably easier to re-make the persistent drive using mkusb, it makes persistent partitions automatically.

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