Ubuntu – How to make a RAM disk


I want to make a partition that is made of ram …


In windows 7 you can make a partition that is made of ram

enter image description here

I have created 1 GB of partition in ram . using Primo RamDisk

Is there any good Alternative in Ubuntu ?

Best Answer

This will show you how to make a RAMDISK super fast and easily. With a RAMDISK you can use your memory for temporary space and it’s also a lot quicker than your hard drive.

Now lets start by using the next 2 commands to make your RAMDISK.

Put whatever you want your RAMDISK to be called where I wrote “nameme”.

mkdir -p /media/nameme

mount -t tmpfs -o size=2048M tmpfs /media/nameme/
The above commands would use 2GB of my RAM for the RAMDISK. If you don’t have as much ram as I do I would use 512MB or 1GB. So next were going to create a command for Terminal that will automatically create the RAMDISK for you.

Source: How To Create A RAMDISK In Linux

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