Ubuntu – How to make a 19.04 persistent live USB from Windows

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I am trying to make a persistent USB, but all the methods do not work. I haven't tried the mkusb method because I have Windows 10. So how would I make a persistent Ubuntu live USB from a Windows 10 computer?

Best Answer

Ubuntu 19.10 and later

The best application for making a bootable Ubuntu live USB from Windows is Rufus. The official ubuntu.com website recommends using Rufus instead of UNetbootin. Step-by-step instructions for creating a bootable Ubuntu live USB from Windows are at How to create a bootable USB stick on Windows.

Rufus persistent storage partition is supported in 19.10 and later. Please upgrade Rufus to version 3.9 or later.

Rufus persistent storage

Ubuntu 19.04 and earlier

mkusb is the most reliable tool for making an Ubuntu live USB with persistent file storage in 19.04 and earlier.