libreoffice – How to Maintain Document Compatibility Between LibreOffice and Other Office Suites


When I save a document in LibreOffice and try to open it in Office 2007 for example, most or all of the paragraphs moved somehow. For what I found out is that the document has Widows and Orphans. How do I fix this so the document can be seen 100% accurate in Office 2007, 2003, OpenOffice and LibreOffice? What tips do askubuntu suggest about creating a compatible document between them (even though you know the non-standard approach of Office 2007 in this)?

Best Answer

It is almost impossible to have 100% compatibility, however, if you are not using wordart/libreoffice draw features, etc, you can get high levels of compatibility by using a few simple things:

  • Save your documents in a format that all the listed office suites can use (MS Office 2003 documents are best for this purpose, and more so with Word Processing documents).
  • Only use features that are shared between the applications, so for example, use simple formatting in tables (by simple, I mean, just create a standard table, XY dimensions, without adding excel features etc, which can become complicated*).
  • Use fonts that are available in all the suites. Missing fonts can produce problems.
  • Use the program options to your advantage :)! I do not have office installed, but I do have LibreOffice. So for example, you can set up the Load/Save options as such: LibreOffice Load/Save Options You can access this dialog by clicking tools>options in the menu.