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I am working on a small project. I have about 20 computers with Ubuntu 10.04 on them, which will be used in a computer lab for elementary, middle, high school and college kids. Some seniors and new computer-users will be using the computers.

I want to lock-down the computers for so children and people who want to play around with PC configuration can use them securely and without breaking them.

I therefore want to restrict user privileges, removing the ability to upgrade, add/install software or otherwise personalize the lab's computers.

The only uses for these computers should be:

  1. access to school websites for access of e-text books (homework

  2. access to learning-aid websites(such as www.math.com or

  3. access/restrictions to applications that are safe and appropriate
    for the elementary students.

  4. For more senior users only, access to websites for
    completing applications for re-certifications of say food stamps,
    medicaid and so on.

Are there any software packages that will let me do this?

Best Answer

I would start by investigating whether using Ubuntu standard Guest account would suit your needs regarding preventing users from installing stuff/modifying configs etc. So your machines would have a password-protected admin account to install/configure things and a password-less Guest account for your users.

For restricting Internet access I'd use Dans Guardian.

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