Ubuntu – How to load Steam Games on a usb drive simply? (novice user on crouton linux)


I am a new ubuntu user and have been using ubuntu trusty tahr with crouton on my acer c11 chromebook. I can only download Steam games directly to my hard drive (which is not too big) and cannot find anywhere with simple tutorials on how to load steam games onto a usb on crouton. Can anyone assist?

Best Answer

First mount your flash drive with read/write/execute privileges.

How to auto mount a flash drive with root and read/write/execute privileges

Then create an empty folder on your flash drive.

Open Steam settings, click on Steam and then click on Settings.

enter image description here

  1. Steam -> Settings -> Downloads
  2. Click on Steam Library Folders

enter image description here

3.Click on Add Library Folder enter image description here

Find where your flash drive is mounted and locate and select the empty folder you created. Then click on Select

enter image description here

Now you will be able to install games to your USB device. If you want your new library folder to be default just right click on it and make it default.

enter image description here

Just remember to select your new library folder when installing games.

enter image description here

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