Ubuntu – How to list installed software with the installed size


I would like to have a list of the installed software on my machine, with the disk space consumed by them alongside. I would prefer to be able to order by largest/smallest, but that is not a necessity.

I am the sort of person who will install software to try it, and never clean up after myself.

As a result, my 7GB (Windows and my Data are on separate partitions, as well as a swap area) Ubuntu 11.04 partition is suffering, and has started regularly showing warning messages.

Best Answer

You can do this graphically in Synaptic Install synaptic.

First ensure that you enabled the Installed Size and Download size columns (or only one if you want that one).

  • To do this, go to Settings > Preferences and choose Columns and Fonts, then tick the columns you want to see.
  • Then click OK.

Preferences window

  • Once they are enabled, you can list the packages you have installed by download/installed size by click on the column.


  • Please note: I do not have my packages listed in that way this screen shot, but it works.