Ubuntu – How to kill processes in Ubuntu


How do I kill all processes running by my own non-root account?

I have some spinning smbd processes that I caused from my windows machine and so I telnetted into the linux server and I want to kill those spinning processes. I don't have authority to restart services or reboot the machine.

Best Answer

To kill all the processes that you have the permission to kill, simply run the command

kill -15 -1 or kill -9 -1 depending on the desired behavior (use man kill for details)

To kill a specific process, say, firefox, simply run

pkill firefox or killall firefox depending on the behavior you want: What's the difference between 'killall' and 'pkill'?

If you want to see what processes are running use the command

ps -ef

If you want to look up all processes by user bob, this might help

pgrep -l -u bob


ps -ef | grep bob