Ubuntu – How to keep programs from launching maximized


Every time I launch a program, say firefox, it starts maximized, how can I keep this from happening. Its so ridiculous that they have this as the default.

Best Answer

Just to flag up that the auto-maximize percentage is now configurable in 11.10 in ccsm (the CompizConfig Settings Manager). Idiotically, it's hard-coded in 11.04 despite there having been issues with what the percentage should be early on (originally it was 60%, people complained, and the answer was to change the value rather than do the obvious thing of making it configurable as this is clearly going to be user- and system-specific). I haven't found a convenient way to back-port the fix to 11.04. (You can always upgrade, of course.)

But on 11.10:

  • Install ccsm if you don't already have it (bizarrely, it's not installed by default)
  • Run it
  • Go to Desktop
  • Click Ubuntu Unity Plugin
  • Go to the Experimental tab and you should see this: enter image description here Set the Auto-maximize value to 100% to completely disable it, or just to a higher percentage if you like the behavior but the default 75% is the wrong value for you.